Something to share

Learning MEAN

May 5, 2017

Hi' I just want to share that from my experience of being a designer / developer I decided also to enhance my knowledge by learning "MEAN" to become a stack developer someday. Read more

Clock Login Theme

May 3, 2017

Hi' here's an old add-on theme that I made for Pulse CMS admin login. When I was making this theme I got inspired from windows 8 that's why the theme has a similarity to windows 8 design. Read more

Photo Scissors

May 3, 2017

Hi' I just want to share this tool that I bought that really helped me a lot and I know that will help other designers out there who wants to remove image background quickly. Read more

Design Tool Migration

Jun 10, 2016

Hi' I just want to share Affinity a professional creative software for MAC that I've been using for awhile... All I can say is the software is amazing. It has two kinds of software which are Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer. Read more

GSAP (Free Seminar)

Jun 9, 2016

Hi' last June 7, 2016 2-4pm Eastern Time in the US I have joined this amazing free seminar about GSAP (GreenSock Animation Platform). An amazing animation platform for both desktop and mobiles. Read more

Photoblogger Theme

Mar 16, 2016

Hi' here's my first Pulse Theme for Photographer Blogger. The design is flat and fully responsive. I've use light blue and dark grey color for the theme to emphasize your photography images. Read more